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Andro stack

Andro stack boosts low testosterone  for building muscle and losing fat at the same time...


Increasing low testosterone has never been faster, safer, easier or more convenient than with Ironpower's Andro Stack...It's also the only LEGAL ANDRO available in most countries click here to read more
Available in two convenient forms
 liquid (taken orally) and  gel (applied topically to skin).



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  andro stack gel boosts low testosterone  


Andro stack 
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ANDRO STACK  -fast acting liquid
CONTAINS: Red Clover {Trifolium Pratense} 16 grams, Tribulus Terrestris {officionalis}4 grams, Camilia Senensis 1 gram, Wild Yam {Dioscorea Macrostachya}300mg.,as active ingredients per serve.

Optimising the anabolic environment created when a persons hormonal systems are functioning maximally. Suitable for male and femalebodybuilders who wish to combine Androstack with training and diet to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass for improved performance. 

CAUTION: may return positive drug test
: (contains androstenedione) Banned by IOC. Check with your own sporting body. 

Build Muscles and Lose Fat E-Book

Build Muscle and Lose Fat E-Book, Click Here to Download

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Contains Quercetin, Iso Quercetin, Genistin, Daidzine, Biochannins, Xanthines. 4 - Androstene - 3, 17 - Dione.

HOW TO USE: Body weight less than 90kg =20mls on an empty stomach {2.5 hours without food} 30 minutes before training with weights. Greater than 90kg =30mls on an empty stomach {2.5 hours without food} 30 minutes before weight training or athletic event. Only take before the two hardest work outs each week. And only take for 3 weeks at a time i.e. cycle 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off. Cycle your training intensity to coincide with the AndroStack cycles. i.e. Train hard during the 3 weeks 'on' and then train with a bit less intensity for the 3 weeks 'off'. The positive effects of AndroStack are maximised when used this way.

WARNING: Using more than the above recommended dose can result in diminished results and negative side effects such as gynecomastia {bitch tits}.

Other uses: Boosts bedroom performance as well as weights room performance.

Available in: 160ml fast acting liquid

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 ANDROSTACK GEL - Slow release gel.


  • Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense) 3000mg/ml
  • Wild Yam (Discorea Macrostachya) 300mg/ml
  • Tribulus Terrestris (Officionalis) 100mg/ml

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: Raising low testosterone levels for bodybuilding, weight loss and increased libido.

SUITABLE FOR: Male or female wanting
reduced body fat and increased muscle mass for improved appearance and performance. 

CAUTION: may return positive drug test: (contains androstenedione) Banned by IOC. Check with your own sporting body. 

Contains Quercetin, ISO Quercetin, Genistin, Daidzine, Biochannins, Xanthines, androstenedione

HOW TO USE: Apply 1 squirt (1ml) per 25kg of bodyweight. Example, 100kg person requires 4 squirts. Rub into forearms (inside part where skin is thin)  and sides of neck before bed. Do not wash for at least 6 hours, for maximum benefits.

OTHER USES: Boosts low testosterone and libido for improved bedroom performance as well as weights room performance.

AVAILABLE IN: 120ml slow release gel.

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