Saturday, November 20, 2004

HGH increases muscle by 8.8% and decreases fat by 14.4%...without exercise or dieting!

As a follow on from yesterdays posting on how creatine monohydrate has the ability to boost human growth hormone (HGH)...according to Ronald M. Klatz, M.D., Author of the book Stopping the Clock... The benefits of taking Human Growth Hormone include:

Younger, thicker skin
Stronger bones
An average gain of 8.8% in muscle mass after six months, without exercise
An average loss of 14.4 % body fat after six months without dieting
A stronger immune system
Better exercise performance
A higher energy level
Greater cardiac output
Lower cholesterol
Regrowth of heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs that shrink with age
Tissue regenerating/healing of wounds and in recovery from surgery
Improved kidney function
Lower blood pressure
Fewer wrinkles
Elimination of cellulite
Sharper vision
Better retentive memory

Dr Klatz is referring to HGH in its synthetic injectable form. Apart from the injectable form being very is also quite expensive and requires a doctors prescription. Natural alternatives that boost HGH levels such as creatine, niacin, certain amino acids such as arginine, lysine, glycine, glutamine and even some plants (eg.Broad Bean which is naturally high in l-dopa...a potent HGH releaser and natural B2 agonist) can provide many people with an effective natural alternative...albeit perhaps not quite as effective...but a lot cheaper and safer. Next posting I'll take a closer look at Broad Bean, and explain what a B2 agonist does. In the meantime, if you want to explore more on the benefits of HGH, particularly for building muscle and losing fat, click here to visit