Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Naturally Boost HGH, IGF-1, Testosterone, and Insulin with this Beta 2 Agonist

Following on from my previous posting, in which I said I'd be expanding more on the topic of natural HGH (Human Growth Hormone) boosters...
Today I'll cover a very exciting new one...although I discovered this one several years ago...this is the first time I've written on the subject.
First, I'll tell you how I made the discovery. I was searching for a natural B2 agonist. What's a B2 agonist you may be asking... (B2 agonist is short for Beta two adrenergic agonist.) A B2 agonist that bodybuilders are familiar with is Clenbuterol...a powerful drug that builds muscle and strips the body of fat in record time. B2 agonists are used widely in asthma medications, because one of their effects is bronchodilation...or an opening of the breathing passages.Clenbuterol drugs such as Venta Pulmin and Spiropent are banned by sporting bodies such as the IOC (click here to view the list of banned substances) and are illegal in most countries. Apart from being illegal, they have also been shown to have dangerous side-effects to health.Click here to read a University of Melbourne study which looked at the detrimental effects of Clenbuterol on the heart.
So what I was searching for was something that could give the muscle building and fat reducing effects of a synthetic B2 agonist such as Clenbuterol, but was natural, safe and legal. Well, after some searching, I found one. It's called dopamine...a substance naturally produced by your own body.(It's actually known as a neuro-transmitter and manufactured by the brain) But there was a problem with this...the human body cannot assimilate orally ingested dopamine. So then I looked to dopamine pre-cursors...substances that the body could convert to dopamine...The most direct pre-cursor is the amino acid l-dopa and it naturally occurs in Vicia Faba...or more commonly...Broadbean! Yes, the common Broadbean! What's more, a study performed in Australia at the Monash Medical Centre demonstrated that the l-dopa content in 100 grams of broadbean pod mixture was 250mg (a dosage equivalent to the prescription dosage of an l-dopa treatment for Parkinson's disease). The researchers concluded from the study "Vicia faba meals produced comparable L-dopa blood levels to fasting standard tablet doses and recovery studies yielded 0.25% L-dopa per weight of bean pod mixture. Vicia faba contains sufficient L-dopa to be pharmacologically active in patients with Parkinson's disease and can potentially be incorporated into dietary strategies to manage Parkinsonian motor oscillations."
So, what this means in a nutshell is that the humble broad bean can easily and cheaply supply you with l-dopa which your body converts to dopamine...which is a B2 agonist that builds muscle and burns fat. Now, I've saved the best to last...Dopamine is one of the most potent HGH releasers. So not only do we have a food (Broadbean) which can act as a B2 agonist, it also can boost HGH. And boosting HGH also boosts igf-1, testosterone, and insulin...three extremely anabolic hormones! How can you utilise this super food? Why not have a cup of Broadbean soup before you train? This will supercharge the natural HGH boost which weight training stimulates...not to mention the boost in igf-1, testosterone and insulin which occurs as a by product of the increased HGH!
Here's a delicious and easy to prepare recipe for Beta 2 BroadBean Super Soup to get you started! Click here.


Motor effects of broad beans (Vicia faba) in Parkinson's disease: single dose studies

PA Kempster1,2 MD, Z Bogetic2 MD, JW Secombei3 BApplSc, HD Martin3 Bsc, NDH Balazs3 Bsc and ML Wahlqvist2 MD

Departments of Neurosciences1, Medicine2 and Biochemistry3, Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia.