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"They laughed when I said I wanted to be Mr Australia...but 6 years later when I won..."

Are you happy with the way you look? I know a long time ago I wasn't...and so I did something about it. But this website is not about me...It's about me helping people like you achieve your physical goals in the shortest time so you can enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest.  I've always believed that success is the sweetest revenge...and after I had achieved my goal of winning Mr Australia I decided to devote my life to helping others...


Ironpower is truly a cutting edge company. Regarded by elite athletes as the Rolls Royce of supplement companies.
For the past seven years, Ironpower Australia has been testing, designing and manufacturing sports performance enhancement and physique enhancement technologies that are world firsts. The mission statement on the wall at head office is;

Ironpower is spearheaded by Richard Hargreaves, a leading authority on fitness, nutrition, and training. 
Ironpower's aim is to reduce body fat and/or increase muscle at the fastest rate, without resorting to dangerous drugs. By transforming a persons look, the quality of persons a life can be raised through improved self image. Richard has personally trained 9,800 clients one on one during his career as a qualified personal trainer. He's trained Olympic athlete's, world renowned martial artists, international celebrities, movie stars, T.V. stars, radio stars, world class bodybuilders, sports stars, dancers, millionaires, successful business people, boys, girls, mums, dads, elderly, injured/rehab/disabled, workers, unemployed, and of course many housewives and house husbands! (We mention this not to brag...but so that you can have 100% confidence in Richard's ability to help you...)

Over the last 7 years, Ironpower has become one of Australia's leading fat loss/muscle gain supplement companies - manufacturing for athletes and other supplement companies - providing a combination of knowledge and research which enables Ironpower to be the only Australian supplement company to provide an unlimited time money back guarantee.

"It takes a lot of confidence in our products to be able to offer this unlimited money back guarantee. Our nutraceuticals are different from most other companies in that you can feel and see results…with some products instantly. By combining advanced nutritional technologies with exercise, the effects are synergistic - meaning they are multiplied. You can expect to drop body fat or increase muscle at unbelievably fast rates….and that's a fact. You can even gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously on some of our physique/life transforming programs".

Richard Hargreaves

Ironpower Australia is Headed by former MR AUSTRALIA bodybuilding title holder Richard Hargreaves

Ironpower was set up to research performance enhancing and physique enhancement nutraceuticals; Richard Hargreaves - 1984 MR AUSTRALIA has been personally training for 25 years. During this time he has won MR AUSTRALIA Bodybuilding Title {1984}, owned two gymnasiums {Fitness Factory, Gym 405}, has promoted many bodybuilding shows...including a World championship(NABBA),has been Vice President of the Victorian Fitness Industry Association, Committee member for the Fitness Institute of Victoria {A government represented body responsible for self regulation of the fitness industry including training accreditation of Fitness Leaders and minimum Industry Standards - Code of Ethics}, is a qualified fitness leader and International Physique Judge.

He regularly has articles published for Australian Ironman Bodybuilding magazine, Fitness Australia and writes for Personal Trainer on the Net, Fitness Network Australia, Blitz Martial Arts magazine and Australian Musclemag. As well as authoring seven fitness related books, Richard can also be heard on Melbourne radio and T.V. discussing his innovative supplement line and accelerated training programs.

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