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10 Quick Questions and Answers about Ironpower...

Q: What does Ironpower sell?
A: Supplements for building muscle, losing fat, and boosting physical performance. And recently, Acnessential Niacinamide cream for getting rid of acne.

Q: Why should I visit this site?

A: There are many pages of exercise, diet and supplement advice to help you achieve your goals...and it's free.

Q: Who is Richard Hargreaves?
A: He's a former Mr Australia and personal trainer who heads Ironpower

Q: Who is Ironpower?
A: An Australian company that manufactures and distributes high quality supplements to shops and direct via the web.

Q: What shops is Ironpower sold in?
A: Major health food shops and chains in Australia. See the large list under retailers for names, addresses and phone numbers.

Q: What is Ironpower's trading history like?
A: We have been going for twelve years and have established a fine reputation in Australian health food shops for having high quality supplements and giving excellent service.

Q: What's so special about Ironpower products...Why should I buy from you and not another supplement company?
A: We have different products than most other supplement companies...a small range of the most effective supplements that give maximum bang for your buck. Our Ultra packs are our fast muscle growth and fat loss results.

Q: Where should a visitor start?
A: To learn about our products...go straight to the products get FREE training and diet advice, start at the seven step plan page. For FREE bodybuilding ebook downloads, click here.

Q: How can someone buy a product?
A: Either directly from our products page...or visit a shop.

Q: Where can someone get more info?
A: Start at the homepage... and then read Q&A's... 

Questions about the Iron Power Store/Product Range

Q: I have heard that your supplements are the strongest on the market, and a number of them are banned. Is this true?

Yes and yes. Our supplements are the most potent on the market, and whereas many other supplement companies do not reveal exact ingredient amounts because they are embarrassingly small...Ironpower's are embarrassingly large (compared to the other companies!). Several of our products are banned, not because they are unsafe, but because they are unfair. All our product range exceeds the most stringent quality and safety requirements of the Australian government...which is known to have the strictest therapeutic and food codes in the safety isn't the issue...but many sporting bodies have banned some of our supplements because of the unfair advantage they could offer to a competitive athlete. Ironpower would never sell a supplement that was detrimental to health, or dangerous. The supplements which a competitive athlete should check with there own sporting body first before using are:- Andro stack (contains androstenedione from red clover), Streamline (contains meta synephrine from citrus aurantium), and Syn stack (contains synephrine from citrus aurantium). As yo can see there are no nasty chemicals...the active (but banned) ingredients are derived from natural plant sources. However, since most people don't compete in drug tested sports, it needn't be a concern to them. They can legally have an unfair advantage...naturally. For more on this issue, you may like to read a press release I did a short while ago on the matter.Click here for press release. If you wish to view the IOC prohibited substances list, click here, or visit the World anti-doping agency website.

Q: I have seen many products on the market, so why does Ironpower have only a small range?

A: At Ironpower, we believe in giving maximum bang for your buck. There are many products on the market, some good, some "well" useless. We have thoroughly researched what works and what doesn't...and discovered natural alternatives that give synthetic type of results, or effects you can "feel" straight away. We expect our products to be noticed from the first time you use them, and also achieve results you can see in a very short time. I believe that this is what our customers want. Not only this we wish to be cost effective and available to everyone, not only elite athletes and body builders.

Iron power is so confident in its product range, that we give an unconditional 12 month, money back guarantee. If you don't get results, then we don't want you to pay for it. Try asking that to any other supplement company!

Q: What countries do you sell to, and what are your freight charges?

A: We sell to all countries, and the freight charges can be seen by clicking here

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Questions about Fat Loss


A: HA, HA is what I would have said a few years ago. But now we know its TRUE!


Caffeine increases fat burning by increasing blood adrenaline levels, and adrenaline is a potent fat burning hormone. Now, throw a grapefruit into the equation and in goo's something called Naringin, a bitter tasting compound found in Grapefruits (and rind).

Naringin has been proven to extend the life of caffeine in your body by slowing the livers breakdown of it. This enables a lower dose of caffeine to remain active in your body longer and give similar effects as a higher dose whose duration of effect had not been extended. While we're on the subject of extending the life of caffeine, you might be interested in knowing that the female Pill can more than triple the half life of caffeine.

Smoking causes the body to metabolize caffeine 50% faster. The 'normal' length of life of caffeine in your body is 12 hours. There's quite a few more things you can do to maximize the effects of this CAFFEINE / NARINGIN FAT BURNING STACK. It tells how to maximize the effects of not only caffeine but also many other supplements such as HCA and GINSENG.

Until then, if you wish to accelerate fat loss with stack I suggest 250mg Caffeine (3 strong cups of coffee) with 200ml of Grapefruit juice (Contains 100mg Naringin) first thing upon awakening. Drink a glass of water every hour. Exercise on an empty stomach if possible. Drink two more grapefruit drinks around four hours apart. One hour before weight training or three hours before aerobic training have another caffeine dose of no more than 250mg (3 strong coffees).

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EXERCISE SHOULD BE HIGH INTENSITY BODYBUILDING STYLE WORKOUTS WITH AEROBIC WORK ON ALTERNATE DAYS - IF TIME PERMITS. OTHERWISE THE RESISTANCE TRAINING IS THE MOST IMORTANT. This will keep your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) fast - which means more fat burning. The correct diet for rapid fat loss while maintaining muscle is a high protein, low fat, moderate carbohydrate type that is restricted in calories. Certain supplements at certain time (e.g. before training, after training, before bed) can accelerate or intensify the effects of exercise and diet. The advantage of supplements under these circumstances is that it is possible to get rid of that last bit of fat and not go too gaunt looking.

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Q: How important is nutrition in regards to losing body fat?

A: Fat loss is best achieved through stacking (or combining) diet with weight training and a small amount of aerobic work, only if you enjoy it. Good for overall health but ineffective when compared to diet for fat loss, e.g., 1 Big Mac contains, 25 grams of fat, which would take around two hours of walking to burn off. How much easier, physically would it be to of not eaten it in the first place.

DIET - What you eat and what you don't eat, and how much of what, will have the greatest bearing on whether you lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same. Weight training is used to support fat loss by maintaining or gaining muscle which keeps the metabolism high. This means your body will be burning more fat whether you're resting, working or playing with the new found energy from combining a carbohydrate regulated diet, weight training and optional aerobic workout.

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Q. I have just had a pig out on ice cream and pizza and I am meant to be dieting, is there something I can take to get rid of all the fat I have just eaten?

A: Yes, chitosan is the best supplement for fat absorption, this powdered form of plankton can soak up consumed fat like a sponge. Fats trapped in this sponge are carried right through your body with out getting stored as fat, and get you back on track when dieting.

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Q: How good is Chitosan and are there any side effects?

A: Chitosan appears to be a very helpful product when it comes to reducing fat in the diet. Made from shellfish, it is a natural source of fibre that absorbs fat and repels water, so the body doesn't absorb fat into the blood stream. It works very well, especially on liquid fats such as oils. It can be used for binge eating or just spot reducing fat. At present there are no known side effects, but it is recommended to take in plenty of water and vegetables as to prevent constipation. Fat absorbed by Chitosan is pushed through the digestive system as dead weight, {i.e. fibre.} and eliminates by the body.

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Q: What is a good diet that can be used in conjuction with Syn Stack to enhance fat loss?

A: Syn Stack has information on a 'Super Fat Burner' diet attached to it.
NOTE; The 'Super Fat Burner' diet is not a long term eating plan, but rather a functional short term diet for rapid fat loss. If you require more information, or If you do not have a copy of the 'Super Fat Burner' diet, please click here to download a free copy of this diet.
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Questions about General Well Being

Q. I was looking to add some sort of anti-cancer supplement to my diet like shark cartilage?

A: Shark cartilage really became popular around 1992 when it was marketed well and pushed as a possible cure for cancer. Reasoning was that sharks are the only animals that don't get cancer. Well, sharks do get cancer and there haven't been any legitimate university or medical studies to support the use of shark cartilage as a cancer fighter.

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Q: How often should I be working out and for how long? What exercise should I be doing? I am 20 years of age and have great trouble putting on weight.

A: Assuming you have knowledge of major muscle mass exercise, I would suggest you perform compound movements using large muscle groups. This should be done for short, powerful duration's in the gym. This can be achieved by splitting the body in half. Training one half on one day and the other half two or three days later. You should perform one to two exercises from each body part e.g. chest, back, shoulders, quads, hamstrings and occasionally arms and calves.

I suggest one warm up set and one all out set for six to eight reps with a spotter. Then stripping weight off twice to achieve a triple drop set, this intensity will force the body to grow and enables you to finish a work out within thirty-five minutes to forty minutes. With good nutrition you should start growing.

Questions about Muscle Growth

Q. Is GH Stack legal to take?

A: Yes, absolutely.  G.H. Stack's main active ingredients are a combination of two amino acids, 1200mg L-Arginine -2 Pyrrolidine 5-Carboxylate, and 1200mg L-Lysine Hydrochloride...which have been university proven to boost human growth hormone by 701%, 90 minutes after taking orally. 
"The effects appeared to be specific to the combination of the 2 amino acids, neither of the amino acids demonstrated appreciable stimulating activity when taken alone."
To view the university here. This combination resembles a very sophisticated key that unlocks the pituitary gland into releasing a surge of growth hormone into the blood system. Must be taken on an empty stomach so that the amino acids can cross the blood brain barrier un-impeded .ie. not competing with any other amino acids.
GH Stack also contains the vitamin niacin, which further enhances the effects. To read more information on GH Stack, click here.

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Q. I would just like to ask if the Power Stack powder, should be taken on empty stomach or after eating? Thanks, Brendan.

A: Hi Brendan, Thanks for visiting our website.

Power Stack contains high glycemic carbohydrates which help drive Creatine Monohydrate into the muscle so you don't have to rely on the carbohydrates contained within the food in your stomach to do this.

However, the best time to take Power Stack is during and after training, as after training, Creatine uptake into the muscles is increased. Naturally, immediately after training, your stomach will be empty. This guarantees you'll get a good spike of insulin...and this also increases the uptake of Creatine from the Power Stack into your body.

If you do take Creatine with food, make sure the food is mainly carbohydrates on there own. If the carbs are combined with other foods, especially foods high in fat, the total glycemic index is lowered. This means that there will not be such a large "pulse" of insulin from the Pancreas, thus potentially reducing the amount of Creatine which actually ends up in the muscle cell.

Taking Power Stack on an empty stomach also has the added benefit of what we at Ironpower invented and describe as PH control.

PH control is purposely lowering the acidity of your stomach, bloodstream, and muscles. This is achieved with the use of 2 strong bases...Sodium Bicarbonate and Potassium Phosphate.

By lowering acidity (PH), more Creatine Monohydrate remains active...since acidity breaks down valuable muscle building Creatine into worthless Creatinin, a waste by-product of the human body.

So, in a nutshell, in answer to your question, take the Power Stack during and after training, on an empty stomach. Thanks for your question, Brendan. Train hard.

Kind Regards,
Richard Hargreaves.

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Q. Dear richard, I was recommended to you by Mark at elite sports in Maribyrnong he said you may be able to help me. Can you tell me what , in your opinion is the best protein supplements on the market. I am currently taking Nutra Pro. Is this any good or am I wasting my money ? If so could you recommend some good stuff to me ? thanks for your time. Regards, Mark.

A: Hi Mark. Thanks for visiting our site.

Without knowing your goal and personal circumstances, it's hard to recommend what's ideal for you. But here's some general advice:

WPI has the highest biological value of protein available, but is quite expensive. WPC is almost as good as far as nutritionals go, but has the added benefit of being considerably less in price, and tastes better. Both WPC and WPI are very fast acting and are ideal after training.

However, before bed and the 8+ hour fast that ocurs at this time, Calcium Casseinate is a better choice than either WPI or WPC. (It takes longer to digest) If your goal is definition, make sure you choose a powder low in Carbohyrate. (ie. doesn't contain Maltodextrin or sugar). Soy protein Isolate is also good, as it is low in fat and carbs, and high in protein. If your goal is to bulk up, carbs are desirable.

So in a nutshell, if you are after definition, I'd recommend Ironpower's Syn Stack powder, which is high in protein (WPC), low in carbs and fat, and contains Citrus Aurantium and Guarana (caffeine) for fat burning...and mix with water. If you're wanting to bulk up, add some soft fruit such as banana to the mix and blend with low fat milk. (this provides the carbs) Before bed, Ironpower's new Muscle Up bar is ideal, because it contains a blend of proteins (WPI,WPC,Calcium Casseinate,and Soy) for sustained release.

Muscle Up also contains a huge 3gram dose of Colostrum per serve,for maximizing muscle growth. Muscle Up will be available soon. I hope this info is of use to you, Mark.

Please write if you have any more questions, and give my regards to Mark at Elite Sports in Maribyrnong if you see him.

Kind regards,
Richard Hargreaves.

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Q. Hi, I've been using Andro Stack and GH Stack for three months. I'm a martial artist and I will be competing soon. As a understand these products will return a positive IOC drug test. When do I have to stop take these products to be certain not to return a positive test. Both urine and blood tests could be taken. Regards Nic.

A: Hi Nic. Thanks for visiting our website, and using Ironpower products.

The GH stack will not return a positive drug test, but the Andro Stack may. To be absolutely safe, stop using the AndroStack two weeks before your competition.

Good luck for your competition.
Kind regards,
Richard Hargreaves.

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Q: I bought 2 pack of Andro stack and 2 pack of Growth Hormone. I want to ask you how I consume those products? How about my training program? Is it for bulking or cutting? The note that I read from the package, that if I consume andro stack, my training is not to be more than 1 hour? How is that? I quite don't understand.... Thanks for your help.

p.s. could you tell me how to schedule my diet, my training

A: Hi Andy, Thanks for buying Ironpower products.

Take the Andro and Growth Hormone stacks at the same time on an empty stomach immediately before weight training. Rip the aluminium sealed cap off the 20ml.phial, and pour the Andro stack into the phial. Replace the rubber cap and holding thumb over the cap, shake well to dissolve the GH crystals into the AndroStack. Then drink the mixture.

Have a glass of water at hand to wash away the taste. Alternatively, many bodybuilders are mixing the Andro and GH with Trim Syn.Trim Syn makes the mix palatable, and increases the results of just taking Andro and GH on their own. Trim Syn powers you through your workout, enabling you to push more weight, obtain greater gains, and burn more fat...for greater definition.

Andro and GH have the potential to both build muscle and burn bodyfat at the same time. Most people report an improvement in strength and definition after a couple of cycles of Andro and GH. Take the Andro and GH only twice per week, before your two hardest workouts. For maximum muscle, after training, drink PowerStack and SynStack protein drink blended with low fat milk and a banana.

For maximum definition, after training, drink a pure creatine solution, and SynStack mixed with water.

Now, as far as your training is concerned, I assume your goal is to be as muscular as possible. This comes about by combining 'full' muscles with low body fat. My triple-x drop set training program will achieve this, in record time. By keeping your workout under 1 hour, and ideally around 40-45 minutes, you will maximise testosterone production levels.

Have a browse through my site for more exercise routines and diets/eating plans. Without knowing your specific goal (eg to get ripped, or build maximum muscle bulk etc) I cannot recommend a specific program or diet. A good place to start would be my seven step plan. Also visit the download page for some great free downloadable eBooks which cover diet, exercise and supplements. And finally, if you look at the navigation links at the top of this page (and all the others on this site) you will see tabs marked "build muscle" and "burn fat"...clicking on these will take you to training, diet and supplement advice also.

Kind regards,
Richard Hargreaves.

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Q: I just purchased GH Stack today and I was wondering if just using that is effective or do I need Andro Stack as well to get results. Also with GH Stack I take two vials a week for three weeks in a row, is that correct? Does GH Stack have any side affects later on in life?

Thankyou for your time

A: Hi Adam, thanks for visiting our website.

GH stack on its own is effective. You do not have to stack it with Andro, although most bodybuilders choose to combine the two (Andro and GH). 2 phials per week for 3 weeks in a row is the recommended way of using GH.

Since Growth Hormone is recommended by the Life extension movement as a physical re-juvenator and life extender, I do not foresee any side-effects if used as recommended.

Thanks for your email.
Kind regards,
Richard Hargreaves

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Q: Can I use Andro Stack with Creatine Monohydrate?

A: Hi Eddie, thanks for visiting our website.

The answer to your question is yes. Andro and creatine work well together. There is not enough caffeine in the Andro Stack to upset Creatine uptake. The amount of caffeine contained in the Andro is about the same as that contained within a cup of tea. In fact, most of the original creatine studies which demonstrated creatine's ergogenic effects (performed by professor Paul Greenhalf at the University of Nottingham), used tea in which to dissolve and drink the creatine monohydrate.

For maximum benefit and effect, take the Andro before training, and the creatine after training.

All the best with your training.
Kind regards,
Richard Hargreaves.

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Q: Is Andro Stack Gel like Androgel, if so what is the difference, if any.

A: Hi Attila Thanks for your enquiry.

The difference between Ironpower's Androstack Gel, and Unimed's Androgel is that Androstack Gel contains active ingredients which the body converts to Testosterone-such as Androstenedione and other isoflavones contained within the plant Trifolium Pratense (one of Androstack gel's active ingredients) .The conversion process occurs in the liver.

Tribulus Terrestris(another active ingredient contained within Androstack Gel) stimulates leutinizing hormone which signals Testosterone production. In a nutshell, what we have in Androstack Gel is the building blocks for your body's natural production of Testosterone, plus a signal for the body to convert these building blocks into Testosterone.

Whereas Unimed's Androgel contains Testosterone in synthetic form, and requires a Physicians script, because it is a drug.

So both products boost Testosterone...but one is natural and requires no script (Androstack Gel), the other synthetic and requires a script (Androgel)

I hope this short comparison shows the main differences between the 2 products.

Kind Regards,
Richard Hargreaves.

NOTE: Ironpower recently acquired the registered trademark name 'Androgel' for Australia, and so the previously named AndroStack Gel is now known as Androgel in Australia. Due to trademark laws, in some countries Ironpower's Androgel is sold under the name AnabolGel (Same product, different name)
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Q: I am interested in gaining advice regarding the best product to use - Andro Stack (which I have been using in combination with GH Stack) or the new Androgel. I am a female natrual figure competitor, and am 7 weeks out from my next comp. Thanks, Vanessa.

A: Hi Vanessa Thanks for choosing our products.

I would recomend you give the Andro Stack gel a try, in combination with Trim Syn.

Because of the trans dermal delivery system of Andro Stack gel,you can use it right up to a contest and still pass a drug test. Be careful if using Trim Syn, however, since it contains active ingredients which are on the banned list of some bodybuilding movements. (Synephrine,Citrus Aurantium, Caffeine) Check with your Bodybuilding Federation for legality.

If Trim Syn is discontinued 2 weeks before a show, it is not detectable. Good luck for your show.

Kind regards,
Richard Hargreaves.

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Q. A few questions regarding Andro Stack Gel. Do I need to cycle like Andro Stack? What happens if I don't wash it off? What is the best time to take Andro Stack Gel - when doing weight training? Is it better to have food in your stomach or not when applying the Gel? Is it applied only once daily? Thanks, Dennis

A: Hi Dennis, Thanks for visiting our site.

You do not have to cycle AndroStack Gel... Although I recommend having a break from all supplements (no matter what kind) from time to time.

Androstack Gel works best if you don't wash it off. This allows maximum penetration through your skin and into your bloodstream. Rub the AndroStack Gel into your skin before bed. It doesn't matter whether you have food in your stomach or not. Apply once daily, before bed.

Train hard. 
Kind regards,
Richard Hargreaves.

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Q. Can I take andro stack non stop for better results?

A: No, for the best results you must cycle 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off to gain the most positive effects. Theory is that you blast your system with a higher dose of andro to take advantage of wide open receptor sites, then have a break. Your system will get a signal that the dosage levels have gone down and won't close off it's natural production of these hormones nor develop the expertise to convert these substances into something else or dismantle them. The full effects are noticeable after about three weeks before subsiding and it would then be a good idea to take a few weeks off before starting the cycle again.

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Q. What does Synergistic mean?

A. This word refers to an action that is created when other things "cooperate" with one another, that is one supplement can enhance or multiply the effectiveness of another supplement. Many supplements are synergistic such as citrus aurantium and guarana found in Ironpower Australia's Streamline (previously called Trim Syn) or red clover, tribulus and wild yam when combined are powerful natural testosterone booster.

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Q. Can you get any side effects with a testosterone booster?

A: Over use, without cycling the supplement can result in an adverse reaction. As extra testosterone will more likely convert to estrogen and unwanted side effects which are associated with gynecomastia {bitch tits} and cardiovascular disease.

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Q. Why is the power stack better than just straight creatine?

A: Ironpower Australia's power stack is better because it combines 4 other supplements together to give a synergistic punch. Added to creatine is (1) 60 grams glucose and (2) 15 grams fructose two different types of sugars that can give a bigger insulin burst to drive more creatine into the muscles. (3) Potassium phosphate helps creatine form immediate source of ATP contraction in the muscles, as well as combining with (4) Sodium bicarbonate to neutralize acidity in stomach so the creatine doesn't get broken down in stomach before been absorbed into the muscles.

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Q. How long does G.H. Stack take to work?

A: Within 3 weeks you should be able to notice an increase in strength or size and at the end of the first cycle.

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Q. I have herd that some of the aussie footballers, have been taking colostrum and even helped the Adelaide Crows team win that 98" premiership. What is it?

A: Colostrum is a thin milky substance which is a secreted in mother's milk, the first few days of feeding a new born. It's rich in (IGF-1), as well as nutrients that are used by newborns to help their immune system and develop the proper gut enzymes to assure proper digestion. Recent studies show that properly preserved colostrum with it's active nutrients intact may be able to be utilized in humans

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Q: There are hundreds of creatines on the market, and I am confused to which one is better. I have been told Micronised creatine is the best, is that true?

A: Creatine has become the main stay in body builders and sports athletes supplements. Many claims are made on whose creatine is the best and how much more effective one companies is over another.

What we need to look at is how the creatine is being administered and when it is being taken. How finely crushed creatine is will determine on how fast it will dissolve in a glass of water. What we have to know is here, is once creatine is dissolved into a solution there is no finer particle, no matter how finely it was originally crushed .

Creatine needs help to move to the muscles and this can be achieved in a few ways. In taking you creatine immediately after a work out you encourage the up take along with the natural insulin spurt and open blood vessels. Also by neutralizing the stomach acids with sodium bicarbonate, you will spare the creatine from being broken down rapidly in to creatine. In using glucose and fructose your body will also extenuate it is important to have the right mix or blend of creatine to achieve the best results.

Power stack from Iron Power not only has creatine, sodium bicarbonate, and the right blend of sugars, but also has potassium phosphate to enhance endurance and anaerobic performance.

This blend of salts, sugars and creatine will enable better energy, endurance, and power to get you through a workout and better utilization of your creatine.

Therefore it is not the creatine structure you should be worried about, rather the way your creatine is mixed and taken.

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Q: I have been told it is not possible in Australia to buy Androstenedione Products. Is this true?

A: Law in Australia does not permit the sale of Androstenedione products , per say. The Australian government classes Androstenedione  as an anabolic steroid. However, the herb Red Clover naturally contains Androstenedione, and is not currently illegal (ie it is legal as far as the Australian government is concerned...although it has been banned by natural bodybuilding movements and the IOC) Ironpower has developed a testosterone boosting formula which is legal (currently) in Australia and does contain Androstenedionne. We have achieved this by using androstenediones  natural source of red Clover (Trifolium Pratense) for supplying the androstenedione. The super effective formula is named AndroStack.

As well as containing androstene, AndroStack utilises other known testosterone boosters such as Tribulus Terrestris(stimulates Leutinising hormone-which triggers the testes to start testosterone production) and Dioscorea vilosa root (wild yam-another hormone precursor) stacked (combined) in the right amounts to give noticeable results without unwanted side-effects. Androstack is listed with the Australian government (TGA AUST L 90183) and is the only product in Australia available without a prescription (over the counter) that can legally make the claim "HELPS PROMOTE INCREASED LEAN BODY MASS AND DECREASED FAT MASS IN CONJUNCTION WITH INTENSE PHYSICAL EXERCISE"

CAUTION: BANNED BY MANY SPORTING ORGANISATIONS: Although AndroStack is currently legal to sell, it has been banned by all natural bodybuilding organisations and most Australian sporting bodies. If you are an athlete and intend to compete, check with your organisation before using Androstack. AndroStack may be detected for up to a week after use.

NOTE: Androstack has not been banned because of safety reasons (it is 100% safe when used as directed) but rather to prevent any unfair advantages.

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Q: How can I increase my natural levels of growth hormone in my body? Is this possible without going to sleep?

A: The answer is yes, you can increase growth hormone naturally in the body, of course you might know taking brief naps during the day will stimulate growth hormone, released from the pituitary gland. Naturally your body will also release growth hormones under stress involved in weight training.

In 1981 a study at the university of Rome demonstrated that combining 1200mg of L - Arginine 2 - Pyrrolidone, 5 Carbohydrate stacked with 1200mg 2 - Lysine Hydrochloride taken orally, gave 700% increase in human growth hormone, peaking at ninety minutes after taking. It also increased insulin - The most anabolic hormone.

Iron power Australia has scientifically formulated these same amino acids into six convenient phials, one to be taken orally before your workout. In this manner you can achieve a growth hormone boost, peaking in the body when the muscles most require repair and achieve faster recovery.

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Q: Physique development for 65 year old?
Richard-Have started receiving your email messages (from No.1 to hand. I am almost 65 years of age- fairly fit, enjoy good health and have some definition. I have always done some form of fitness but when I was younger gyms weren't around as much as they are today. Is it possible for a man of my age to gain muscle size or would I be wasting my time? I mean with respect to growth hormones probably slowing down etc. I do know there are other benefits of weight training besides physique development. Thankyou for any info you provide.

A: Hi Barry

At 65, as you mentioned, Growth hormone diminishes, as also does testosterone. These are the two main hormones responsible for muscle growth.

You definitely still can gain some size, although not a massive amount, but you can drastically improve muscle tone and overall appearance.

Most importantly, don't overtrain. Workouts should be brief...say around 30 minutes. Only train each bodypart once per week, so you get full recovery. Train 3 times per week. Download the free ebook "Instant Muscle Advantage" from my site, and follow the 3 day exercise/training routine in it.

Take whey protein and creatine after your workouts, as well as on your rest days. You might like to use the Ironpower Muscle Growth pack, which consists of whey protein, creatine, a testosterone booster, and a growth hormone booster.

Good luck with your training.

Best regards
Richard Hargreaves

p.s. I've attached the ebook. Check with your doctor first that it's OK for you to train with weights, and the program I suggest is suitable for your physical condition. You will need to start off easy if you're new to this. ie. use lighter weights, don't go to absolute failure. Take extreme care on exercises such as squats and deadlifts, especially if you are not used to doing such exercises. As you get stronger and more 
accustomed to the exercises, you can go at it harder. Let me know how you go.

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