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Customer Feedback


"I used Andro with GH stack and got some great results.I have recomended this combination to all the guys at the gym.go ahead try it you wont be sorry. PS have something handy to wash it down with."
Owen Corey

"After my first use, i thought that it was of some effect. however, after some time i noticed incredible results. before i began using it, i was only benching 60 kg, but about after 3 months of some intesive training, i was benching 120 kg. i recommend use in conjunction with GH stack. Unbelievable product and recommend it to all adults that attend the gym regularly."
Andrew Adams

"Yep love it!!!!!Great when doing forced reps,pulse reps & sustains. Makes me CRAZY mixed with GH. "If you live for training this is the stuff"
Jayk'e Hook

"I took the product 3 times per week with the recommended amount and after 2 months I was gaining lean muscle mass and becoming quite vascular at the same time.A good product."

" I have been using andro stack and under an intense personal training program, i have gained solid muscle and can bench 50 kgs more than i used to. the only side effects were a red nose. both of my friends think that i am on steroids, because i am huge now. unbelievably good product, recommend it to anyone who is a weed like i used to be."
Sam Halpin

"I bought GH Stack and used it the same day. I did shoulders that day and could feel the difference staright away when I was doin shrugs to start of with. I was pushing heavier weights easier thatn I've been able to before. Highly recommend it."
Prashant Iyer

"Tastes quite good (Synstack, Chocolate), easy to drink (doesn't have that taste like a chemical factory). I went through about a tub every 2 weeks and noticed I was alot more fuller. Worth giving a try."
Costas Rentesis

"I have been using Andro Gel sporadically for around six months now and I find it to be an excellent product. I have decreased my bodyfat and increased my lean muscle mass over this course of time. Whether it be a placebo effect or not I have found Andro Gel beneficial in increasing my lifts by around 10 Kilograms for each of the core exercises. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for that extra edge. However, don't be under the misconception that this product will have AAS powers, due to it's natural state and contents it will not deliver AAS results, and also no side effects."
Cam Edds

"I'm huge now!! Now I feel confident taking all my clothes off in public. Call me girlz on :0425 823 608"
Ryan St John

"The choc-strawberry muscle-up bars are great! They aren't as sweet as other bars on the market and this is reflected in their superior protein content and how few grams of sugar they have. The perfect thing when you don't want all the sugar just before bed but want to munch on something tasty with chocolate in it."
Andrew Hobday

"At $5 each, these are expensive, but they ARE defintely worth it. 46.5g of protein in one bar! The protein:carb ratio is like 2:1, whereas every other kind of 'protein' bar is at around 1:2 - 1:3... that's right, 1/3 protein to carb ratio. Don't waste your money with the other stuff.. it may be cheaper (per bar), but only has like 20g protein and is just loaded with fat and carbs."
Ekaf Eman

  "Hi, just an update, been using the gel for 2 weeks and a day now, strengh has increased well, size has increased a little too, i am planning to stop using the gel on monday which is 3 weeks from when i started, is this the correct thing to do?
Many thanks for you help in advance.

BTW, i have been back training now for approx 3 months, i am 43 and trained very hard when i was younger but had a 10 year lay off due to family commitments etc."
Gary Hughes


  "The difference I felt was that your site was full of great information, explained the benefits and potential pitfalls plus also showed results of studies etc. This was great as other sites only sold the product, which in my view showed that they didn’t really care but it was more about mass distribution without any belief in their product or duty of care to the public {a bit like diet centres}. I am a true believer in everybody becoming wealthy and successful especially if they are pursuing their passion in an ethical manner. This very much comes across in Richard’s articles and your entire Website. Yes you need to be financially successful which is a lot easier to do when you live and believe in your product etc. This is evident in how you guys come across to the public.
So I regard you guys as “knowledge brokers” and I am happy to buy that knowledge in pursuit of my dreams! We also sponsor a few elite triathletes so I will introduce them to your site as well."

Anthony Kofkin
Melbourne Australia