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Ironpower Bodybuilding Supplements Flexes Muscle…Beating Musashi, Aussie Bodies, and Aminoactive (Max's)

PRESS RELEASE Ironpower Bodybuilding Supplements Flexes Muscle…Beating Top 3 Australian Heavyweights…Musashi, Aussie Bodies, and Aminoactive (Max's) for Web Popularity

(PRWEB) January 24, 2005 -- A small Australian bodybuilding supplement company website, http://ironpower.biz , which has only been online 3 months, is already beating the 3 largest Australian sports nutritional supplement companies for internet popularity. Ironpower has raced to the lead in website traffic…beating Musashi, Aussie Bodies, and Aminoactive(Max's).

Says Richard Hargreaves, former Mr Australia and CEO of Ironpower, “It’s very rewarding to be ahead of these three giants in the Australian sports supplement industry in such a short time. Based on Alexa.com statistics, an Amazon owned company which ranks websites according to traffic, Ironpower is now in the top 1.8% of websites around the world for web visitors, out of 16.6 million active websites on the net.”

Musashi.com.au, Aussie Bodies.com.au, and Aminoactive.com.au have all been running for several years, whereas ironpower.biz only went online October the 8th 2004.

The comparison is based on the average daily traffic visiting the Musashi, Aussie Bodies, Aminoactive(Max's)and Ironpower websites over the last 3 months.

Says Richard, "I put the success down to the Ironpower site being content rich with lots of valuable but free information on training, diet and supplements. The FREE Bodybuilding eBook downloads for building muscle and losing fat have been very popular with bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike."

To celebrate the success, Ironpower has  released a new FREE e-book entitled '5 Familiar Bodybuilding Troubles-Which Do You Want To Overcome?' 

To download your free copy, visit http://ironpower.biz/download.htm