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GH stack-

building muscle losing fat  / rejuvenator

Boost  hgh and igf-1, testosterone and insulin for quickly building muscle and losing fat at the same time...GUARANTEED...




  hgh and igf-1 booster 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE...or YOUR MONEY BACK
If your body DOESN'T grow more muscular and leaner... if you don't experience gains like never before... and if your time and effort  DON'T drop dramatically... simply return the empty bottles and I'll refund your complete purchase price, no time limit, no questions asked.  


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university proven to boost growth hormone by over 700% 

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GH Stack  (Growth Hormone stack)
Guaranteed to boost hgh and igf-1 by 701% and 300% respectively...building muscle losing fat has never been faster, easier ...or more certain...

Independently university tested to boost human growth hormone (hgh) by 701% only 90 minutes
after taking. It also boosts other associated growth factors such as IGF-1(insulin-like growth factor) and insulin.
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CONTAINS: 1200mg l-arginine 2-pyrrilodone 5-carboxylate, 
                      1200mg l-lysine hydrochloride,
                       Niacin hydrochloride (vitamin B3)

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: The proprietary G.H. peptide amino stack (GH stack) has been independently University tested - IRONPOWER did not fund this study- To boost growth hormone by 701% only 90minutes after taking. It also boosts IGF-1 by almost 300% over 8 hours, and doubles insulin levels after only 30 minutes. View university study. The combined boost of these 3 key muscle building hormones creates an anabolic environment for maximum muscle growth when combined with weight training and a protein rich diet. Illegal forms of growth hormone, growth peptides {IGF-1} and insulin in combination with steroids accounts for the massive increase in the size of international class professional bodybuilders over the last decade.

SUITABLE FOR: Male and femalebodybuilding,or anyone that wants to look and feel younger. Increased hgh and igf-1 promotes building muscle and losing fat simultaneously and fast.



PROTEIN 3200mg.

HOW TO USE: G.H. Stack comes in 6 convenient 3200mg glass phials with rip top aluminum seals and rubber caps. an hour before a weight training session, mix one glass phial with 20ml of water or Andro Stack.

Shake with finger over cap until the crystal's dissolve. Drink down and rinse taste away with glass of water. G.H. STACK must be taken on an empty stomach. This means no solid food {especially slow digesting proteins such as meat} at least 2 hours before taking G.H. STACK. This is because for the G.H. STACK to work, the proprietary blend of aminos must be able to cross the blood brain barrier unimpeded by other 'competing' aminos.

After training, drink Ironpower's POWER STACK with creatine monohydrate and electrolytic salts. { Some people report mild skin flushing up to intense red heat when using G.H. STACK, especially the first few times of use. {This is caused by the vitamin B3 and is only temporary. The skin flushing effects of G.H. STACK diminish with time…but the G.H. boosting effects do not…they remain high.} 

OTHER USES: Very popular with the life extension movement. Recognised by them as the master rejuvenation hormone.

AVAILABLE IN: Six convenient 3200mg glass phials with aluminum rip tops, enclosed in a box.


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