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...Breaking news...We're officially number one on Yahoo! for Quickest Muscle Building Techniques... after only 21 days! Pictured above is a screenshot of ironpower.biz's first place ranking...read below for the full story...



Release Date
November 1, 2004

Ironpower's Quickest Muscle Building Techniques gets Number 1 Rating from Yahoo after only 21 Days Online...

Ironpower.biz, a new Australian fitness website which has only been online 3 weeks, has already achieved a number one ranking on Yahoo for having the quickest muscle building techniques. Just as amazing is the fact it has been done almost entirely for free...utilising freeware, free listing and free hosting. CEO of Ironpower, and former Mr Australia, Richard Hargreaves attributes the success to the quality of content which is both search engine and user friendly. The website offers valuable fat loss and muscle building information in the form of FREE e-book downloads on exercise, diet and supplements... and supplies nutritional supplements for sale.

 November 1, 2004 -- An amazing new fitness website, http://ironpower.biz which went online less than a month ago, has already muscled its way to a number one ranking on Yahoo. The new website, which went online October 8th, 2004 shot to number one position for 'Quickest Muscle Building Techniques' almost overnight. Former Mr Australia and personal trainer, Richard Hargreaves, who heads Ironpower, has put his 3 decades of experience into this valuable resource site where people can freely download informational e-books and read 100's of pages of the best advice for losing weight and toning up...all for free.

"It has taken me months to put the site together, but I think the effort’s worth it. It's incredibly satisfying helping people transform their life through transforming their body."
"Everyone has been telling me how hard it is to get good rankings...and that it's becoming very competitive for profitable keywords, and how 99.9 % of websites don't make any money. But I just ignored their negativity and built a great theme based site for helping people get into physical shape fast."

" I almost fell off my chair when I saw how well the site was ranked by Yahoo. I was following a free advice sheet I had downloaded from the net on how to get high rankings. Following the advice, my next step was to link my site to one or two higher ranking sites...so I typed in the search term I wanted to see which sites were ranking high for, so I could link to them...and lo, there was ironpower.biz, my site, at number One position! I guess other sites will want to link to us now"

What is perhaps even more amazing, is the site has almost entirely been constructed for free...using freeware, free listing with Yahoo and free hosting.
" By keeping business operating costs to a minimum, savings can be passed on to the customer. This makes Ironpower’s nutritional supplements very cost effective."

" I have to pinch myself to the fact that only a few months ago I knew absolutely nothing about web site design or search engine optimisation...in fact I didn't even have a website. But now I have a great site, that's ranking at number one on Yahoo...and it didn't cost an arm and a leg to do. I have been teaching myself using all the free online tutorials available...and downloaded dozens of valuable...but free to use Freeware programs for building a successful site. These programs and tutorials are freely available to anyone who takes the time to surf the net and have a look"

" I invite anyone who wants to build muscle, lose fat, or just get motivated, to visit the ironpower.biz site and take advantage of all the free resources available."

About Ironpower
Ironpower is an Australian company that manufactures and distributes sports nutritional supplements. Headed by former Mr Australia, Richard Hargreaves, its main focus is on building muscle and losing fat with the quickest muscle building techniques, and best fat burners...more

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