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Building muscle losing fat...

Our supreme thermogenic formula is incorporated into this delicious whey protein shake..The Ironpower range of online products has been scientifically designed specifically to help you in building muscle losing fat faster, easier and more effectively. You can  purchase products separately, but we recommend the Ultra packs for maximum fat loss and ultimate muscle growth because of the value in savings they represent to you in terms of money, time and effort. The packs have been synergistically designed to provide the maximum bang for your buck, and as such are great value.

If your body DOESN'T grow more muscular and leaner... if you don't experience gains like never before... and if your time and effort  DON'T drop dramatically... simply return the empty container and I'll refund your complete purchase price, no time limit, no questions asked. 

Syn Stack $69.97 US
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Syn Stack Chocolate (1kg)   (also available in vanilla flavour)

CONTAINS: Whey protein concentrate, Cocoa, Chocolate Flavour, Citrus Aurantium, Guarana, Stevia extract.

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: A deliciously stimulating and easily digested/absorbed high protein food source for building muscle losing fat. The supreme thermogenic formula (proprietary blend of fat burning herbals) shifts the body's physiology into a fat burning and muscle retaining mode.

SUITABLE FOR: Male and femalebodybuilders, athletes and anyone looking for an extra source of protein, low in fat, low in carbohydrate and relatively low in calories when compared to other powders…and easy to digest. This is the ideal shake to take if you are following a low carbohydrate diet and exercising regularly and your goal is to reduce body fat.

Any person desiring:-
Rapid muscle growth with pure protein.
Maximum muscle performance.
Speedy recovery of muscle tissue and energy levels after intense exercise
Body fat reduction
A stronger, healthier immune system.
Can benefit from SYN STACK in conjunction with exercise and diet.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: 3 tablespoons = 50grams

ENERGY 751.5kj
PROTEIN 45g Insert amino acid profile
FAT 1.8g
HOW TO USE: Use Syn Stack as an extra protein meal source or as a low fat, high protein meal. Blend or shake 1-4 heaped dessert spoons of Syn Stack protein shake in water or low fat milk. For best results, those people wanting to lose body fat should follow the Super Fat burner diet and mix with water. To gain muscle, follow the maximum muscle diet and exercise programs and mix with low fat milk.

OTHER USES: Take as a healthy food snack or meal replacement. Can be mixed into a delicious paste of either chocolate or vanilla. Use this as a low calorie, low fat, low sugar flavoured cream treat. Simply mix 4 heaped dessert spoons with just enough water to form a paste - which pours like flavoured cream  and tastes sensational.



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