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Scientific Name:                    Panax Ginseng

Type of Nutrient:                    Plant

How Supplied:                       Powder, capsules, tablets, paste, tincture, tea

Natural Source:                     Root of plant

Used for:                                Fat loss, endurance (stimulant) stress resistance, mental alertness, concentration, workload capacity

Legal status:                          OTC

Availability:                             Health Food Shops

Cost effectiveness:                * * *

Safety:            Good


            Panax Ginseng with active ginsenosides have been shown to increase brain activity, hormone activity, lung power and endurance while reducing lactic acid, fatigue, and glycogen use.



            One local study done in 1989, at the Tasmanian Institute of Technology by Dr Lars McNaughton and colleagues, ran a well controlled, double blind study for 12 weeks on experienced athletes.

            In addition to physiological measures, they monitored direct effects and strength and recovery time from exhaustive exercise.

            Compared with the control group (placebo) the group given ginseng showed an average increase of 22% in pectoralis strength, and 18% in quadricep strength, above the increases achieved by the control group.

            The ginseng group also showed significantly faster recovery compared with the control group.



            A dose of 200mg/day of standardized ginseng extract is enough to be effective.

            I find a dose of 1000mg of Ginseng powder 1/2 - 1 hour before exercise gives a big boost.



            Highly energetic, nervous, tense, hysteric, manic or schizophrenic people should not take Ginseng.

            Ginseng abuse (habitual ingestion of 3 or more grams of Ginseng daily for long periods of time) can cause gynecomastia (bitch tits), high blood pressure, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, diarrhoea, skin rashes, nausea and feelings of depression.

            In addition it has been shown to increase the potential for a catabolic (muscle break-down) response in the body.