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Scientific Name:                    Glycerol

Type of Nutrient:                    Food - Fat

History:                                   Used by Marathoners and Tri-athletes

How Supplied:                       Liquid

Natural Source:                     Hydrolysis of triglycerides in the body produces glycerol (glycerin)

Used for:                                Hydration of muscle cell, increasing endurance and workload capacity, Protein sparing

Cost Effectiveness:              * * * * *

Safety:                                   Can cause headaches


            As your muscles are worked during a bout of exercise, they have a tendency to dehydrate or lose water.  Glycerol has the ability to keep water in and around the muscle longer to keep it from fatigue.

            As well as increasing endurance and workload capacity, glycerol has been demonstrated to have protein sparing properties (Essen - Gustavsson B et al Eur J Appl Physiol Occup Physiol 1990; 61(1-2): 5-10).

            Glycerol improves intracellular water levels while decreasing extracellular water.  For this reason, it is used by surgeons during brain operations to shrink brain (Maughan 1997).

            To improve performance before a marathon, try taking 20g of glycerol in divided doses, starting 2 hours before the event.  It is best taken with 500ml of fluid - preferably with electrolytes (sodium, in particular)


Timing Amount of glycerol
2 hours before 5g
1.5 hours before 5g
1 hours before 5g
0.5 hours before  5g