Monday, December 13, 2004

Bodybuilding Supplement Guide-Caffeine Facts...Effects

Following on from my last posting in which I introduced the Ironpower Bodybuilding Supplement Guide...Here's a small extract about caffeine from the first section on energy systems. Not only does caffeine, when correctly utilised and applied, boost an athlete's physical performance also has a dramatic positive effect on fat loss. For the full facts and effects of using caffeine as a potent fat burner and sports performance on the link at the end of this posting to be taken to the main site to view the complete guide to using caffeine...and the Complete Ironpower Bodybuilding Supplement Guide...

Energy Systems


- Caffeine
- Sodium Bicarbonate
- Creatine Monohydrate
- Potassium Phosphate
- L-Carnitine
- Ginseng
- Glycerol

This section explores the various mechanisms through which the above substances can effect human energy systems. It outlines dosages and procedures for specific results in enhancing physical performance.

Scientific Name: Methylxanthine
Type of Nutrient: Stimulant drug of Central Nervous System
History: Used for hundreds of years in form of tea and coffee beverages
How Supplied: Powder, Tablet, Liquid, Suppository
Natural Sources: Tea, Coffee, Guarana, Kola Nut
Used for: Reducing bodyfat and perception of effort. Increasing workload capacity, muscle fibre recruitment, exercise intensity, endurance, alertness, concentration, and oxygen uptake, Glycogen sparing
Cost effectiveness: Excellent
Safety: Up to 600mg/day (7 cups of coffee) considered safe (Gilbert 1992)
Precautions: Should not be taken by pregnant women (has been linked with reduced bodyweight of the newborn) or people with heart problems (excessive doses can cause extra beats of left ventricle). Can cause physical dependence at daily dosages of 350mg and above (about 4 cups of coffee). 5 grams and above can be a lethal dose (about 60 cups of coffee).

Some Personal Trainers will be horrified at the thought of encouraging clients to consume caffeine. However, its effects on physical performance and bodyfat reduction are too great and well documented to ignore. Used prudently, caffeine’s benefits can be made to outweigh possible risks.

Visit the site to see the Complete Bodybuilding Supplement Guide and the rest of this section on Caffeine benefits effects facts withdrawal tolerance pregnancy content fat burning and much, much more...