Friday, December 10, 2004

Bodybuilding Supplement Guide for building muscle and losing fat-intro

The following introduction is an exerpt from my 'BODYBUILDERS GUIDE TO SUPPLEMENTS'
Here's how you can build muscle and burn fat at the fastest rate...naturally '

In an effort to find a short cut that will reduce the time and effort required to become competitive or to meet the challenge of the moment, it has become a common occurrence in the history of man to try chemicals of various types to improve both mental and physical performance.
Examples of this range from students trying to obtain a better grade, to athletes trying to shave seconds off the time required to perform an athletic feat, to the military’s use of chemicals to help soldiers perform heroic feats of endurance. To an objective appraiser, it is likely that the greater majority of effects in dietary pharmacology are subtle, meaning hard to measure, but not necessarily trivial.
As pointed out by scientific research (Coyle 1984), by far the most effective means of improving physical performance is a good training program. Coyle estimates that in previously sedentary individuals, improvements in muscle strength can be improved by 50% following the appropriate training program.
There are very few reports of drugs improving performance by more than 10%, and in fact, the improvement in well-trained individuals shown by most studies is not even close to 10%. However, while it is true for most biological studies that a change of less than 10% is considered trivial, in many athletic events an improvement in performance by far less than 10% represents the difference between a winner and an also-ran.
For example, Roger Banister broke the 4 minute mile barrier in 1954 (3:59:4). Between Banister’s performance and the 1981 performance of Sebastian Coe (3:47:33), 15 different athletes held the new best time. In many of these 15 different world-record breaking performances, the improvement in time was less than 1 second. Thus, even if the effects of nutritional ergogenesis are subtle, the small improvement in performance could give an athlete a tremendous advantage.
The following handbook has been prepared specifically for Personal Trainers. Its aim is to provide accurate information on the relatively few proven and legal nutritional ergogens available - What they are, their relative safety and how they are best used for maximizing benefits while minimizing any side-effects.
In combination with correct training and nutrition, the information contained herein may be of assistance in tailoring a program which accelerates the attainment of your or your clients goals in areas such as fat loss, muscle growth, strength, power, speed and increased energy/endurance.
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