FemaleBodybuilding and Ironpower supplementation... 

Ironpower's range of bodybuilding supplements is ideally suited for FemaleBodybuilding...in fact, some of the supplements  work better on women than men. In particular our two Andro products...the liquid Andro Stack and the Andro Stack gel...have demonstrated great results on women for building muscle and losing fat. This makes sense and is in line with the fact that anabolic steroids and testosterone  both have a more profound effect on a female bodybuilders physique than a male bodybuilder. This is due of course because of a females naturally lower baseline testosterone levels. But unlike anabolic steroids or testosterone which can have permanent detrimental effects to a woman's physiology...Ironpower's Andro products "gently" raise low testosterone levels in women without the associated side effects  steroids bring. What Andro does is give the body's physiology a nudge...rather than a body slam! Androstenedione is the primary testosterone prehormone of the ovaries...and this is contained within Red Clover which is the main ingredient of Ironpower's AndroStack.

Gh Stack is another very effective supplement for FemaleBodybuilding. It has been university proven to boost growth hormone by 701% 90 minutes after taking! Not only does Human Growth Hormone aid fat loss and muscle growth in its own right...it also stimulates the production of testosterone...thereby giving a secondary anabolic effect. As mentioned above, boosting testosterone has a greater effect on women at building muscle and losing fat than it does on men.

University studies have demonstrated that creatine supplementation is not quite as effective on women as it is on men. Although the jury is still out on why this would be, a female can increase the effects of creatine supplementation by combining it with potassium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate and a high glycemic index carbohydrate such as glucose. Ironpower's Power Stack creatine formula contains these additional nutraceuticals to enhance the uptake and overall performance boosting effects of creatine supplementation on women. The additional ingredients help buffer hydrogen ions and lactic acid in the muscles (thus extending time to fatigue), neutralise stomach acidity to make more creatine available for uptake, and raise insulin to drive more creatine into the muscle cell.

Streamline supreme thermogenic fat burner is based on the legendary caffeine, ephedrine, aspirin stack which can more than double the fat burning effects of exercise. But unlike the original stack which leaves you "wired" for hours, we have replaced the ephedrine with meta synephrine which doesn't give you the jitters...but still burns the fat. Other fat burning formulas on the market use plain synephrine which is unfortunately destroyed in the stomach, and so doesn't work. Meta synephrine is a more robust version and is not destroyed in the stomach so it gets to do its fat burning magic. Studies which have shown synephrine to have fat burning effects used an injectable form of synephrine...thus by-passing the gut. Other supplement companies leave out this fact. 
Streamline is one of our most effective products for FemaleBodybuilding.