Thursday, January 20, 2005

5 Familiar Bodybuilding Troubles…Which Do You Want To Overcome?

Former Mr Australia Richard Hargreaves, today released a FREE 32 page report that identifies several widespread bodybuilding problems. Says Richard “ I have released the new report in e-book format and have done this as a FREE service to encourage more people to continue a lifetime commitment to health and fitness. Many gym goers are apt to throw in the towel if they can’t make significant continual progress in obtaining their ideal body. This valuable book provides solid scientific advice to break through sticking points, and psychological truths to build mental muscle and keep them on the path”
The special report investigates five of the most common road blocks that a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast encounters in their quest to build muscle and lose fat…and what they can do to conquer them. Says Richard “I have trained 9,800 clients over a 3 decade period as a personal trainer and during this time I have discovered some common problems…nasty hindrances which stop an individual from reaching their full physical potential”
The book is comprised of five parts, and covers topics such as overtraining, under eating, stretching, mental focus and optimal post workout nutrition.
In the stretching section of the book, Richard reveals one of his secrets for achieving rapid muscular growth. To get your FREE copy of the report, visit