Mental Muscle for...
building muscle, losing fat




  Success starts in the mind... where the mind flows...the body goes. I cannot
stress enough how important the mind factor is. Here are some ways to develop
your mental muscle or strengthen your mind power.

Welcome. You are about to embark on a program that not only can transform 
your body, it also has the potential to change your life for the better. Sounds 
unbelievable? Well just suspend any doubts for the time being, keep an open mind, 
and most importantly…get into action and start now.Serious focus on the total program 
will always return phenomenal results in a very short time. These fast initial results fuel 
enthusiasm and as a result your dedication to the program is strengthened. This 
heightened motivation is the state of mind in which you can literally perform miracles 
transforming your body, life and environment.

One of the most important elements of success is discipline. If you are not doing the 
things you need to be doing, how can you honestly expect to achieve your goal. The 
"best" program is of little or no use at all, if one does not have the discipline to stay on 
the correct path.
How can one obtain this discipline ??? (that final percent that will give you an unfair 
It all starts in the mind, this is the secret ingredient which is omitted or has been 
overlooked from many training and fitness programs. Until you get this part right, 
everything else will cause great stress and strain on your life and your surrounding 
environment. The great reward however, is that if you get it right (your mind ) your body 
will follow suit effortlessly as you work in harmony with the natural rythms of life. Things 
that were previously too hard, a hassle, or you just couldn't quite get up the energy to 
do, now become a joy and can be undertaken with effortless ease and boundless 

Let's get started;
First off, you need to establish exactly what you are trying to achieve.


Build a clear mental picture of what you are trying to achieve. Visualise both 
subjectively and objectively.
In other words visualise as if you were watching a TV screen with images of the 'you' 
that you want to be playing on the screen (objectively) and also visualize at other times 
as if it were actually happening as viewed through your eyes (subjectively), as a result 
you will experience the situation as if it were really happening in the now, which is a 
very powerful thing to do, for reasons which I will reveal further on this transformational 


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