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Success starts in the mind... where the mind flows...the body goes. I cannot stress enough how important the mind factor is. Here are some ways to develop your mental muscle or strengthen your mind power.


Now, take an honest look at you present state. Take a good hard long look in the 
mirror. You don't need callipers, scales etc (valuable as they are) to tell you are out of shape. But you must truly accept your present condition as your responsibility, and not blame the world and outside forces beyond your control…'YOU' are really in control…you just need to be reminded…or shown how.

 And you are allowed to laugh at yourself...it's better than crying...In fact the more dissatisfied you can make yourself feel, the more motivation you can create to get into action and do something about it. Don't be discouraged though...the fact is if you are doing this first step, then you can do the next step and so on until step seven when voila...you've done it...and you'll be looking at the new you. Remember...by the inch it's cinch...by the yard it's hard...so just take one step at a time and everything else will take care of itself. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day ( although I think it was burnt down in one!) But you won't be fiddling about anymore...

 The more dissatisfied with your present state, the greater will be the initial motivation to get into action and change. So ham it up in front of the mirror. Stick your pot belly right out as far as you can. Push out your toosh, make it look even fatter. Laugh, deep belly laughs…this sends a powerful message of acceptance to your powerful subconscious mind. And the more out of shape you are, the more things will bounce and quiver around, making it an even more hilarious site and all the more reason to deep belly laugh. Now suddenly imagine that the image you have been laughing at is being beamed live via satellite to millions of television sets around the world. How do you feel now. I bet the laughing stopped quick smart. You probably felt pain and embarrassment. Make it work for you. Use that pain and embarrassment to slingshot you into action. Build the picture in your mind now of the 'you' that you want to be. Make it realistic. This does not mean to make yourself not look outstanding, it means you must believe it before you can have it. Not the other way 
round as most people think. Most people have to see something first before they can 
believe it…but one of the secret's to success is that whatever you can mentally 
visualise and believe to be possible, so long as your belief is built upon an accurate 
evaluation of the situation, will come true. IMPORTANT VISUALISATION TIP - "In the mind it is always now".
Think about it. The past is a memory, the future is an idea in the imagination, and when it arrives it is always in the present moment, the eternal NOW. Make sure your 
visualisation is in the now. See, feel, hear, smell, taste in your imagination as if it where real. The subconscious cannot differentiate from reality and something vividly imagined. The more sensory rich you make your visualisations, the sooner they will be reflected back to you in life. Start seeing yourself doing the things the new you will be doing. See and feel how people react to the new you. Once again, make it real. You might imagine yourself lying on a warm tropical beach, with the sun beaming down upon you and a gentle breeze blowing. Hear the waves and some seagulls in the distance. Smell and taste the salt in the air. Now get up , hear the gasps of astonishment coming from a nearby admirer. Walk to the water feeling really good about the way you look.To recap on what I have said so far:-

Establish and accept your present shape as your present reality
Make a conscious decision to change
Build a new image of the way you want to look
Make this image real in your mind…Vivid, all encompassing, and in the now…as if it 
where really happening

 So we now know where we are and where we want to go. But how do we get there and how do we stay on the path?

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