Mental muscle for...
building muscle, losing fat




Success starts in the mind... where the mind flows...the body goes. I cannot stress enough how important the mind factor is. Here are some ways to develop your mental muscle or strengthen your mind power.


Here is our next secret weapon. I call it present moment awareness.
Your only challenge is to keep your awareness in the present. Do not allow the mind to entertain the past or future. Keep your conscious attention supremely situated in the present moment.
If you are chopping wood, chop wood.
If you are swimming in water, swim in water.
Do not be concerned about anything that has happened in the past. And do not be 
worried or bothered about the infinite possibilities of the future. Just focus on what you are doing. Sure, if there is something urgent that needs attending to, attend to it. But as you attend to it and fix any problems, remember this is your present moment reality, so stay present (PMA).
When you have finished, simply flow back to what you were previously doing. Now you can either fix the problem or not. If you can, then fix it. If you can not, accept it for the moment (you can always try again in the future, when circumstances change, and change they will, since change is the only certainty we have in the world).
Now, the worst thing you can do, and this is how most people behave, is to be doing something, such as exercising, while your thoughts are worrying about something totally unrelated and out of the now…eg resenting the past or being fearful of the future. DO NOT DO THIS! You will sabotage yourself if you do. "Stay present".
Remember, you can only keep your conscious attention focused on one thing at a time, even though your mind may flick from one thought to another with lightening type rapidity. So accept mentally whatever you are doing. All stress goes when you stay present. Sometimes you may feel quite uncomfortable. Accept this too as your reality. 
Do not resist it. Just feel it in your body. Do not think about it, just feel it. It will pass. And you will soon be feeling fantastic. Become aware of habitual ways of behaviour which you may not have had any control over in the past.
Well the good news is that you have always had the power to be in charge, even if you did not realise this fact, and as you awaken to this fact, your control will become greater, and that's all there is to it. The more you awaken, the more the control, and then the more you awaken. Just stay in the present moment. For more on this life changing technique, see 'Emotional Rescue" Taking charge of your life with PMA by Richard Hargreaves (soon to be released).
OK What we need now is to get some runs on the board straight away…some fast 
noticeable results. Let' start with diet.
The Super fat burner diet works well and fast. Losses of bodyfat per week can be several kilos, with no loss of muscle mass, and a simultaneous increase in muscle is possible, when the program is followed to the letter. The huge benefit of this over a conventional reduced calorie diet is that after the fat has been shed and you've reached your goal fast when motivation is naturally strong, and you're looking fantastic, you will have a faster metabolism than before and so staying in shape becomes relatively easy.
I know some people panic shortly after achieving their goal and eat all their hard work 
down the drain by ballooning up to bigger than before. PMA keeps you on the path. The conventional low calorie, low fat diet is very slow, making it harder to adhere to, and if the goal is eventually realized, you have most likely lost as much muscle as fat, your metabolism is now slower than ever, so that if you just look at a cream puff you run the risk of getting fat.
So now that we have prepared ourselves mentally and are committed to our goal, and we are looking forward to the results, lets get the show on the road; Go to step 3 of my 7 step body transformation plan...


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