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How to Build Muscle with Exercise


MUSCLE-UP Triple-X weight training program (Work Out A) BEGINNERS/ADVANCED
How to perform a Triple X set (Work Out C) HEAVY DUTY PROGRAM


All movements are performed in a controlled manner. The speed may be varied from super slow up to a faster rhythmic pace. Do most workouts with a slow, strict style. Every 2 weeks use a faster tempo of training to build up strength.


Choose a weight which will allow you to reach failure at 10 reps. Upon completion of 10 complete repetitions, drop the weight to an amount which will allow another 10 reps to be pumped out to failure.

The amount of weight to drop varies between body parts and individuals. Shoulders fatigue fast and require large drops (50%), whereas back exercises generally take longer to fatigue and require smaller drops (20%).

See the exercise charts below for approximate % drops for each exercise.

When failure has been reached again (2nd time) drop the weight for a final set of 10 to failure.

Your muscles will hurt after the first phase, scream after the second and feel even worse in the final phase.

Feel the pain as good, it means growth, don't be scared of it ( the type of pain associated with intense exercise - not injury type pain ).

Connect the pain to growth. Studies have shown that the more pain induced through training the greater the release of growth hormone.

Triple-X training will give you a fantastic pump. Your strength will increase rapidly. But the biggest improvement will be increased muscular size.

There is no rest between drops. Rest only long enough to catch your breath between exercises.

These programs deliver BIG results - and fast!

Get ready for some serious size gains. Here are the programs (one for those with less than two years training experience, and another program for the more advanced.) Note: Doing the advanced program too early will not speed things up, it may even slow things down if you injure yourself trying to do something you are not ready for.



For those who have been training under 2 years

WORKOUT A Whole body Triple-X Workout

WORKOUT A Whole body Triple-X Workout

WORKOUT A Whole body Triple-X Workout


For people with 2 years or more training experience under their belt.
The workout is comprised of two polar opposite forms of training. One is high reps, and the other is ultra low reps.

When the two are combined in the following way, the effect is synergistic (results are multiplied). Your strength sky-rockets as you pack on kilos of solid size in only a matter of weeks.

One of the few things in common with TRIPLE-X training and HARGREAVES HEAVY DUTY training is the shortness of the workouts, the relatively few sets and small total weekly training time.

Apart from these similarities they are virtual opposites in their training effects. TRIPLE-X training gives a phenomenal pump. Hargreaves Heavy Duty training gives next to no pump, but dramatically increases your strength.

Triple-X training greatly enhances cell volumisation - You look MUSCULAR - and STRONG !

WORKOUT A Whole body Triple-X Workout

WORKOUT B Hargreaves Heavy Duty Part I
THURSDAY Legs, Back, Biceps, Forearms, Traps

WORKOUT C Hargreaves Heavy Duty Part II
FRIDAY Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Calves, Abs, Lower back