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How to Burn Fat with Exercise

To lose fat through exercise your body needs to burn more calories than it ingests (eats) 

 Here's how you do that...
Basically, there are two forms of exercise...
1) Aerobic and 2) anaerobic (weight training or resistance training)
Both types are valuable for weight loss

The first type (aerobic) involves exercises which get all body parts into action such as running or walking. The intensity or resistance of the exercise is low, but it goes for a long duration.eg An 8 kilometre jog may take you around an hour...and during that time your body has been in continuous motion (provided you didn't stop for rests!)

The second type (resistance training) involves exercise such as training with weights. The intensity or resistance is much higher, but the duration is much shorter. eg A set of bench presses may take around 30 seconds...and then you have a rest before doing another set and so on. So although your workout may have gone for around the same length of time as your jog (1 hour)...your whole body was not continuously moving as in the jog...and hence the shorter duration.
(Having said that, there are weight training programs which are designed to keep your whole body moving throughout your workout...and this can give you the best of both worlds if you have limited time)

The value of aerobic exercise compared to weight training
Aerobic exercise is valuable not only for cardio vascular (heart, lung) health and fitness...but because your bodies principle energy source during this type of exercise is fat. So your body burns the stored fat while you are training. Hence aerobics burns fat directly.
Weight training is valuable for fat loss because although your principle source of energy during this type of training is not fat ( it is carbohydrate), the muscle built results in a permanent  increased metabolic rate for your body, and immediately after the exercise your metabolism remains elevated for several hours. On top of this the hormonal secretions (elevated growth hormone, testosterone, and IGF-1) which take place because of the intense exercise also have a potent positive effect on your fat loss efforts.
Hence weight training does not burn fat directly as in aerobics...but burns fat indirectly. Its positive effect on fat burning hormones and elevated metabolism results in a significant improvement in your total fat loss efforts.

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