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Quickest weight loss plan...

"Why Just Burn Fat When You Can Tone Muscle at the same time...with Synstack's Quickest Weight Loss Plan..."

Synstack's quickest weight loss plan incorporates the Triple-X Super Fat Burner Diet, for maximum fat loss in minimum time...while you retain and tone your muscles. SynStack incorporates Ironpower's supreme thermogenic formula for spectacular results...

30kg FAT LOSS IN 25 WEEKS...

Congratulations goes to Bob Morley, an ambulance dispatcher from Melbourne who has gone from an obese 116kg and 41% bodyfat to a trim 86kg and 21.75% bodyfat in only 25 weeks. Even more outstanding is the fact that Bob has maintained all his muscle mass and only lost fat.

To lose the 30kg of fat and maintain all his muscle Bob followed my TRIPLE-X Super Fat Burner Diet in conjunction with 3x 90 minute exercise sessions per week.

45 minutes was spent on weights and 45 minutes doing aerobic work.

The diet gave the rapid fat loss. The weight training maintained muscle mass while the aerobic work brought up Bob’s fitness.

Bob says "I feel great. I had been overweight for years and hadn’t been able to get my weight down until I tried Richards Triple-X Super Fat Burner Diet. Richard tailored the diet and supplements to my individual requirements. My job entails sitting 12 hours per day. I didn’t get hungry, which makes the diet easy to stick to. In fact, I didn’t even feel like I was dieting, except for the results I saw in the mirror and on the scales.

I can now run 5 kilometres, whereas 25 weeks ago I couldn’t run 5 metres! I’ve bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes, and people’s comments have been very positive. My wife Dianne, who has also been following the triple-X diet, has just about reached her goal weight too. Some of my friends can’t believe the transformation and my doctor is amazed."


Caffeine + Synephrine = Super Fat Burner Supreme Thermogenic formula
To build an exceptional physique requires careful attention to not only training and exercise, but also diet and supplements. When fat loss is the number one goal, diet and supplements become even more important.

To help you get in the shape of your life, Ironpower has designed a carbohydrate free whey protein shake containing Citrus Aurantium and Kola Nut. Known as SynStack, the whey protein shake has as active ingredients Caffeine and Synephrine contained within their natural sources of Kola Nut and Citrus Aurantium.

 Ephedrine’s Legal Cousin ... Synephrine
A legal chemical cousin to the super fat burning drug, Ephedrine (which is illegal in Australia) is Synephrine. This alkaloid, which is naturally occurring in the fruit Citrus Aurantium, has recently entered the weight/fat loss arena. Citrus
Aurantium has been used safely for hundreds of years as an ingredient in marmalade.
Synephrine works in a similar way to Ephedrine in burning body fat, without the unwanted jitteriness associated with Ephedrine. In a nutshell, Synephrine causes fat to be released from its stores, enhances the burning of fat, and preserves muscle typically lost while dieting, without stimulating the central nervous system.
Many cell surfaces, especially muscle and fat cell surfaces contain specific receptors known as beta-receptors. When Synephrine acts indirectly as a B-agonist (substance that triggers beta receptors,) it causes the activation of specific beta receptor sites, a sequence of processes are activated that can both induce the breakdown and use of stored fat for energy production and
increased muscle metabolism. 

"This increased muscle metabolism may result in additional muscle growth, and the fat is then available to be burned for energy during training. This combination of functions makes Synephrine a valuable stand alone fat loss tool. However, by stacking it with Caffeine and Protein, you have a stack comparable in effectiveness to the legendary ECA (Ephedrine(illegal), Caffeine, Aspirin) stack."

SynStack’s formula is based on this fact. Synephrine, although in the same family of alkaloids as Ephedrine, does not have the 'wiring' effects that Ephedrine does. This makes Synephrine a safer alternative to Ephedrine. However, the Caffeine contained within the stack is stimulating, giving you an extra boost throughout your day and before that hard workout.

The active ingredient of Kola Nut is naturally occurring caffeine, which increases lipolysis by increasing blood adrenalin levels, and adrenaline is a potent internal
lipolytic hormone(1).

SynStack’s base is whey protein concentrate. The herb Stevia Rebaudia provides natural sweetness without the excess calories or glycemic spike
associated with sugar or aspartame. By keeping insulin levels stable, fat burning is maximised.
In the last 10 years it has been shown that whey protein may possess special properties not seen in other proteins. In one study, a whey protein diet appeared to enhance the liver and heart glutathione (arguably the most important water
soluble antioxidant) and increase longevity(2).
It has also been shown to enhance the immune system(3) and lower blood cholesterol(4).

Fast Recovery After Training.
Whey protein is considered to be the best supplemental form of protein for athletes because of its high bioavailability and solubility and its high percentage content of Branched Chain Amino Acids (25%). A must time for SynStack is immediately after training to take advantage of that window of opportunity that
exists for speedy repair and recovery.

30th April

5th October
A picture speaks a 1000 words.

With these two pictures one word comes to mind, and that’s WOW!

Between 30th April and 5th October Angela followed my Triple-X super fat burner diet in conjunction with two workout sessions with me per week doing predominantly TRIPLE-X training. The diet and supplements were personalised to Angela’s requirements. During this time Angela lost 6.3kg of fat and gained 2.3 kg of muscle.

She went from 61 kg @ 20 % fat to 57 kg @10 % fat.

Congratulations Angela for such great results!.


Burn Fat Fast
Aside from its renowned effectiveness, the delicious flavours in Ironpower’s SynStack are even more exceptional. There are two sensational flavours to choose chocolate, and creamy vanilla. You may find it
hard to believe that something which tastes so good could be so effective.
SynStack comes complete with the Super Fat Burner Diet included FREE. This ketogenic diet, which is simple and easy to follow, has been proven in Real Life University to strip fat fast while maintaining muscle tissue.

1.J.Appl Physiol,(1992); 72:1297 and Falk B et al Can.J Physcol Pharmacol (1990); 68: 889-892.
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