How to get in shape fast-get in shape now

7 Step Success Plan 




An easy to follow step by step system to show you how to get in shape fast-get in shape now... by  building muscle, losing fat record time

Contained here is a proven seven step success plan designed to take your body from where it is where you want to!



Realistically access where you are now.  If you or a friend have body-fat measuring callipers available, then that's great...use them.Click here for Fatalyser... FREE body-fat calculator. If not, it doesn't matter. You can just use a full body mirror to look at yourself and make a visual assessment.  Don't feel discouraged if you look now have a clear-cut system to get your fat burning and body Click here for more on this. If you don't feel you can honestly and accurately access me a full length photo of yourself as a jpeg or gif file and I'll help here for contact details.


You can build resolve,determination and motivation...
Think of your resolve as a table top...the more legs you put under it, the stronger and more stable it will be. The legs are all the reasons why you should make the effort to change...all the benefits you will gain by achieving your goal...and the flip side of the coin...all the pain, suffering humiliation and things you will miss out on if you stay as you are.

Remember...If you want to get a dream body (instead of a nightmare body!), first step is to make-up your mind...and I'll show you how to make-over your body!

Build a picture in your mind of how you wish to look. The Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzeneggar ( 7 times Mr Olympia winner-Action movie hero-now governor of California) used to picture his biceps as peaked mountains when he trained them. He also built a strong picture in his mind of becoming a movie star...and then politician. Arnold is living testimony to the fact that 'Where the mind flows, the body goes.' Do not take this step is vitally important if you wish to reach your dream body goal...and keep that body once you've achieved it. We become what we think about. Thought is transformed into flesh...the quantum event becomes the neuro peptide.

For more help with 'mental muscle' here.


Build an exercise plan for building muscle losing fat...set your specific..

Take action. Awesome action. Build momentum. Get're gonna do it! Choose your exercise program. If you want to burn fat Click here If you want to build muscle click here   If you just want to tone up a bit click here
click here If your goal is building muscle and losing fat 


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