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An easy to follow system to show you step by step how you can be safely building muscle, losing fat and toning your record time"

Contained here is a FREE proven seven step success plan designed to take your body from where it is where you want to!

Scientifically based and real world tested...    The FREE diets and eating plans, exercises and systems will give you quick results no matter who you are or how out of shape you may be. No matter how many times you've failed in the past. No matter how bewildered and confused you may feel with all the 'quick fix-miracle cures' available on the net today. Here you will find the quickest muscle building techniques, the best fat burners and FREE weightlifting programs. Some of the best bodybuilding and fitness advice on the net, in fact the world...and for free...

You might be wondering...if the advice on this site is so come it's free. 

Let me explain...I am a former Mr Australia and qualified personal trainer/Life Coach...I have owned two very successful bodybuilding gyms...and trained over 9,800 people over the last 3 decades...and written for many famous bodybuilding magazines such as Ironman and MuscleMag. I have promoted bodybuilding shows...including a Nabba Mr Universe, and I am an Internationally qualified physique judge...having judged at the Mr Universe level. I say this not to brag, just to let you know where I'm coming from. Bodybuilding and fitness is my fact I started training at around 10 years old with a Charles Atlas mail order muscle building routine. I remember as a kid going to the newsagents every Saturday morning with my father. While he was buying his newspaper...I would ogle at the Muscle magazines on the shelf. Magazine covers with photos of men with huge arms folded across their chest...and the most unbelievable pecs (for the time anyway...and for me!)...and women wrapped around their legs!  These images planted a seed in my mind that one day I would look like that...I would have big muscular arms, broad shoulders and a V-shaped back...I too wanted to have girls hanging off me, chasing me...even at that young age I absolutely loved and adored women! ( I'm being very open and honest here...I've never written anything like this in my life...but that would have had to have been my major motivation for building a fantastic physique...I wanted to be attractive to girls!) Anyway, my method worked...I knew there was not much anyone could do about there looks (head!)...but there were plenty of other things you could do to improve your appearance and sex appeal. Apart from grooming, clothes, developing a pleasing personality etc. the number one thing in my mind was to develop my body to the max...optimize my physical potential so to speak. Not everyone has the genetics to be a major bodybuilding title holder...but everyone can improve their look and sex appeal...especially when they apply my "secrets" ...and in a much faster time frame than they may have previously imagined.

So whether you need to lose a few pounds for a wedding...or  30+pounds to catch MR or MISS right's attention...

or totally transform your body to win a contest or bodybuilding show...  I can help by lifting the fog of confusion which exists in many people's minds and replacing it with a clear and simple step by step plan.

Everyone's different...their background, genetics, budget, time available...etc  But my system takes this into whether you're a beginner or seasoned veteran, 16 or 60, I can help. And you don't have to buy anything if you can't afford it...I'll give you enough FREE information on diet and exercise alone to get you going...and if your budget allows, you may wish to invest in the total program including the Ultra fat burning supplement packs and Ultra muscle building supplement packs to speed up and enhance your you amazing results. For example, GH Stack (just one of our products included in the Muscle Building pack) has been university tested to boost  hgh and igf-1 by 701% and 300% respectively. Boosting these two hormones naturally will safely speed your muscle building and fat loss efforts.

Remember...If you want to get a dream body...instead of a nightmare...First step is to make-up your mind...and I'll show you how to make-over your body!

Start have nothing to lose...except fat....and everything to gain...especially well toned muscle."   

kind regards,   

Richard Hargreaves  

1984 Mr Australia

CEO Ironpower


p.s. Almost come this advice is free (especially when I charge $200 per hour for personal training)...You can thank Ironpower bodybuilding supplements for that. The sale of nutritional supplements provides my income...and allows me to help you for FREE. However, I wouldn't waste time procrastinating about getting started. I'm considering starting a paid members site...and when I do, you may not  have access to all the valuable diets, exercise programs, and eBooks etc that are here for free. (That's not some B.S. sales pitch either. After all, I'm not selling the info, I'm giving it away for free.) I'm not get into action NOW!



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