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How to Build Muscle with Exercise

I'm really excited to be giving you this weight training program which gives phenomenal 
muscle building results in a very short time...even for hard gainers! I aren't quite sure yet 
exactly as to why it's so effective...although I do have some theories which I'll expound in 
another article...but it doesn't matter why it works...what's more important is that it 
does...and incredibly well. I personally put on almost 10 kilos over 3 weeks! (I used a loading 
dose of Power stack-creatine in the first week-putting on 4 kilos, plus GH stack and 
Andro stack and Syn stack and meta glutamine) Admittedly it wasn't all muscle...but it was 
very high quality bulk, and my strength went through the roof... especially after a couple 
of months on the program. I will shortly be writing a more in depth description of how I was
able to achieve this 21 pound gain over 21 days...but what I have prepared here is enough
to get you started and give you great gains.
Before giving you the program, which is based on a 50 year secret (Larry Scott-former 
Mr Olympia is reported to have used a similar program to build his incredible-for-the-time
physique) let me warn you that on paper it looks extremely basic...and it is...but it works so 
effectively that I must stress DO NOT ALTER IT! Don't be tempted to add exercises, sets
etc to it. Part of the secret for its success is its brevity. So DON'T CHANGE IT!
The workout is only 3 days a week. It's a triple split, so each body part will only be 
trained once a week! Yes, that's all. Once a week. And the workout is completed in 30 
to 40 minutes...that's it...no longer. So don't add extra exercises, or extra workouts on 
your days off. The workout must be kept under 40 minutes...and no more than three 
times per week.


Style A reps are performed super slow...10 seconds up...10 seconds down...light weight...
done to failure for 10 reps

Style B reps are performed normal speed and style for 6 reps to failure...heavy weight

Style C pre-exhaust set...first phase of two reps with an 'impossible' weight
You tell your mind you are going for 6 reps...but with a weight so heavy that you must 
fail...and only get 1 or two reps...even though in your mind you are going for six.
Phase two...after going to failure with phase one, grab a lighter weight and pump out 
25 reps to failure...fast speed...no rest between phase one or two

NOTE you can change the exercises for each body part...just don't change the sets,
reps or style of execution
You can either finish training one body part first before doing the next ie. train your
chest for the 3 styles of sets before doing the same for back...OR you may superset 
chest and back exercises ie Do your super slow style A set of bench press, then do 
your super slow style A set of rows...before doing the same for style B and then Style C


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